Save custom element to xml


I try to save the bpmn model into xml with extension base on custom-meta-model example. But the output xml don’t have the qa:analysisDetails element in it. Do I need to pass any options when I call the renderer.saveXML function?



just to give you some feedback to your question: Nico will be back next week and he is the expert in this matter.

You will get an answer next week.


This example currently requires the latest snapshot version of bpmn-js. It will be fully functional with the next release (v0.9.0). The release is due in the next weeks.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for the update, Nikku. Eager to see all the new features in v0.9.0 next week :slight_smile:

We released v0.9.0, the example should be functional now.

Thank you very much, Nikku. I have clone the new release and play with it :smile: