RTL Support - Arabic

Do you know how to use the RTL for lanes, activities, …etc, also how to increase the activity box size

What is not working regarding RTL support?

Mainly the issue that the text is not aligned to the right direction, and if I have a longer text it will be out of the box, and I cannot resize the box. Do you have any recommendation for this?

I believe your requirements are reflected in this issue?

We appreciate contributions that help us understand what RTL support means for our toolkit and how to improve it. If you got some screenshots to share with us, that would be awesome.

For the modeler, RTL means:
1- “Tool Palette” should align to Right.
2- Powered by bpmn.io logo should align to Left.
3- When you select an element, the quick popup menu should appears on Left.
4- Vertical scrollbar should align to Left.

Something like mirroring but actually editors need modification to support RTL.
Let me know if you have any question.

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Thanks for the clarification. I’ve added your points to the issue linked above.

We are looking forward for contributions that provide proper RTL support.