Resizing shapes

Dear Developers,

I have just signed up to say that, after I have learned that I can not actually resize the images, I had to go for another option. Personally, I can not understand the reasons you gave in forums for that specific choice. Other than that, it looked like a great app, thank you.



Hi Banu,

Thank you for your feedback. Have a nice day!



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For context, I assume you refer to this explaination?

In case you really need to resize shapes here’s an example of a plugin that makes resizing tasks possible: GitHub - philippfromme/camunda-modeler-plugin-resize-tasks: Camunda Modeler Plugin That Makes Tasks Resizable.

The important point is that while bpmn-js might not work the way you’d like it to out of the box you can customize pretty much every part of it to adjust it to your needs.

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See also bpmn-js extension to make tasks resizable.