Resizable tasks

Hi all!

May I ask you if it is possible in some way to make ability for resizing tasks as sometimes texts get out of scope (edges) of tasks. I know it is possible to edit sizes in XML, but it is not that comfort as if it was in the modeller. If you could add handles to tasks to manage sizes it wd be great!

Thank you for your work!


We do not allow to resize tasks for a reason which is conveying hidden semantics through size.

You may always customize our modeler to add that functionality yourself. See bpmn-js-nyan for a BPMN modeler that allows this (along with other things).

This is ridiculous. I’m not trying to convey any semantics through size. Being able to customize the appearance of elements is an ESSENTIAL capability of any graphic tool. The whole point of modelling data is to leverage the visual paradigm. How am I supposed to convince my company to take up this tool if it can’t even resize a text box? And no, I’m not going to fork your code just to get some basic functionality. It was looking so promising.

Thanks for your feedback.

There is many grapic tools out there that have that capability. These should better suite your needs then.