Questions needed for a successful pitch about frontents that base on bpmn-js

after successfully study of computer science, I am currently founding a startup-company and since the tools we’re developing are based on bpmn-js, I urgently need some information to make the pitch a success. For that, Thank you in advance.

  1. What jobs do users of bpmn-js usually have?
  2. how important is the possibility to extend bpmn-editors?
  3. how often does a user make use of extension possibilies? Only once or two times or is the extension possibilty frequently used by an user of bpmn-js?
  4. What is the advantage of having a webbased-editor compared to an offline editor as from edraw or lucidchart, for instance?

Today, I had a rehearsal for the pitch and I was asked to get these questions answered, otherwise it would look bad.

Kind regards and thanks for your help

How much of a share do I get for disclosing that crucial bit of information? :heart_eyes:

I am indeed planning to ask you to be key partner. For instance, you could get some percent of turnover for presenting our tools. You are free to discuss the exact conditions of beeing our key partner

You may please answer some of the questions, such that I can bring them in the pitch? If it will be successfull, we can discuss about being key partner. It is maybe a good idea to ask the guys from Camunda to get key partner as well. There seem to be a lot of customers, which may be interested in our products.

What is your take on these questions? If you share your own sentiment first I’m happy to add to it.

The idea is to offer a service for users with no or less programming skills, such that we implement extensions for them. That means a user with no programming skills can contact our company and tells us what he needs and after that we make an offer depending on how much work it will be. This way a designer doesn’t need to find a developer to build the editor, instead the designer can make use of our service and we implement it for him. Especially, our service should be much cheaper than to hire developers with a high salary. Does the idea sound interesting?

I believe we miss-understood each other. Regarding the questions you posted: I was asking what your take / your assessment on these is? How would you answer them. If you share your perspective I’m happy to contribute mine.

The questions are important for the market analysis. In the pitch, I have to show that there is a market for the idea and who the customers are. It is important to show, that there is an interest in the idea and the difference/advantage to existing projects.

For the competition slide of the pitch, I would need information
in the difference to the tools of: edrawsoft, lucidchart, signavio and ibo prometheus.
It would be fatal, if some claims about those tools are wrong.

This is in the moment, the most important thing to clear.
Thank you very much in advance