Problems with pallette icons

Hello everyone!

In the project I am working on I am trying to use in an Angular project. I am using bpmn-js module. The problem I am having is with the pallette icons

Captura de pantalla de 2022-07-08 16-52-17

As showed in the screenshot, the icons in the pallette are not being displayed. The problem is happening when I add the bpmn-js styles to the web component that is using bpmn-js. If I add those styles to the styles.scss file globally, the problem is fixed.

@import '~bpmn-js/dist/assets/diagram-js.css';
@import '~bpmn-js/dist/assets/bpmn-font/css/bpmn.css';
@import '~bpmn-js/dist/assets/bpmn-font/css/bpmn-embedded.css';
@import '~bpmn-js/dist/assets/bpmn-font/css/bpmn-codes.css';

The point of importing the styles files in the web component is cause the project is all based in web components isolated working with shadow dom.

Do anyone know how to fix this? Any help is accepted :grinning: