Prepacked reference manual


apparently the development was mostly node.js oriented and so are the examples. I integrated using the prepacked version with my web application and works fine but I want to be able to define extra properties depending on the element so that I can read it and automatize it in my app. for that I was thinking in use overlays but I can’t communicate with the html of the overlay (different namespace apparently) the proprieties panel could be one option but is not in the prepacked version, not even I can used just by calling a normal js file. I think if we could have like a reference guide for the prepacked version could help a lot, where can I get information like that? like what is available and how to use it? tanks

Please be more specific about what you’re trying to achieve. What properties would you like to add to your elements and for what purpose. Feel free to share some code showcasing what you’re working on.

Hi tank you for the quick anwser,
basically what I want is to add meta data that I define depending on the element type, that will interact with my web app, ex: a script tsk I can chose on my published scripts using a dropbox witch script will run on that task. this is just one exemple.

Where do you want to store this information? In the BPMN file itself?

yes, I was thinking in store as extensionElements in the file it self, aparently prepacket version (that I’m using) does not have the properties panel, that could solve the problem also even if I could load the properties panel in a separated JS filebut I don’tknow who todo this. Would be nice to have some documentation on what I can do and how using the prapacket version. I don’t use node,js because I’m using in my existing web app

Hy guys I just resolved the problem using webpack tanks