Populate selectBox dynamically with api call

I have created BPMN modeler using React js. I am using bpmn-properties-panel and camunda properties.

Now I have added custom tab like bpmn-properties-panel-extension. In this panel i want selections whose values will come dynamically. I have successfully populated it with database data. Now my issue is this,

It calls api every time i focus on anything in properties panle. How can i overcome this?

This is my code:
let view = entryFactory.selectBox({
id: “view”,
label: “View”,
selectOptions: function () {
return getViews(selectedModel);
modelProperty: “view”,
get: function (element, node) {
var selectedFormField = getSelectedFormField(element, node);

  if (selectedFormField) {
    return { view: selectedFormField.view };
  } else {
    return {};
set: function (element, values, node) {
  var selectedFormField = getSelectedFormField(element, node);
  var commands = [];
    cmdHelper.updateBusinessObject(element, selectedFormField, values)

  return commands;
hidden: function (element, node) {
  return !getSelectedFormField(element, node);


Where getViews is my api.