Overlays not shown when zoom out

I’m integrating BPMN.io with a document management solution to manage the document lifecycle.
In the following images I try to show the problem I’m having.
with the zoom near the diagram, the overlays are shown, but when I zoom out they aren’t. Why is this appening. The same thing happens with the context-pad, not only in my adaptation but also in the bpmn.io demo.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Filipe_Correia and welcome in our forums!

When you are adding an overlay, you can override the default and specify a minimum and a maximum zoom level as you can see here: https://github.com/bpmn-io/diagram-js/blob/master/lib/features/overlays/Overlays.js#L179-L180

for example:

overlays.add('some-element-id', {
  show: {
    minZoom: 0,
    maxZoom: 5.0
  html: '<div style="width: 10px">foo</div>'

(by the way: I restored the original post, because it is a valid question and it may be useful for other users too. If you doesn’t want that for some reason, you can click on the delete button)

Hi Pedesen, I tried to change the values but there is no difference. Do I have to do something in addition to setting minZoom and maxZoom ?

Can you provide the code where you tried to do the change? This helps us a lot finding out what’s wrong. Thanks!

Its fixed , Thanks !