Opening a url defined as a property in an element

I would like to be able to open a url in a browser by selecting a property defined in the properties panel which contains the url. Is this possible and if so what is the best way of going about it?

What or where is it going to be opened? Could you provide some scenario on what you are trying to achieve?

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My scenario is the following. I have used the properties panel to define a url property for a task defined in the workflow. This task describes a regulation that has to be followed. However the details of this regulation are defined in a document accessible through the url property associated with the task. I wondered if there would be a way of the selecting the task in question, bringing up a context menu that would have a select option on it.

I guess there might be many (and maybe more straightforward ways of achieving the same goal, so I would be happy to hear any suggestions.

I hope I have made what I want to achieve clear. If not I will elaborate.

You would need to build custom behavior/module for the modeler to achieve exactly that.

Otherwise, consider using annotations for additional documentation of tasks.


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Could you point me to some examples of building a custom module or using

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For the examples have a look at this repository.
Another good thing to look at would be ContextPad implementation. You could provide some similar implementation that checks for the URL property in the element and shows another context menu.

By annotations I mean BPMN annotations:

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