Nyan Cat Example + Properties panel

Hi! I’m a engineer student from Spain.

I’m using the Nyan Cat example to learn about bpmn. I need to do a modify project adding a new element with a properties panel.

Anyone can help me to add a properties panel to Nyan Cat?

Ty for all :slight_smile:

We have an example for integrating the properties panel into the modeler. You can combine these two.

Excuse my bad english, I forgot to say that I’m using both: Nyan Cat and Properties panel. Could you give me any steps to combine these two?

Ty again!

What did you try? What did you understand? Where did you get stuck?

I’m trying to develop a new element with a propeties panel.
I don’t know what parts I need to combine from each example.

I have started the study of bpmn.io a week ago, sorry, I’m a bit lost!