Multilingual node names

I want to use bpmn.js to maintain process diagram in 4 different languages.
I am thinking to add 3 different translations as custom properties: for instance name_de, name_fr, …
Is it possible to modify the renderer to display one of this custom property instead of the “standard” name ?


You’d need to customize the BpmnRenderer to render the proper labels based on some sort of switch.


I have got the same issue. But I dont know how I can solve it. Im new to JavaScript so please excuse the wrong vocabulary :wink:

  • My first thought was to extend the class and to override renderEmbeddedLabel and renderExternalLabel but I cant because it is nested…
  • I thing to copy the whole class to adapt the changes is a bad idea.
  • I found this example, but I dont know how to change the labeltext after, visuals, element);

Please give me a hint. Thanks