Moving the palette toolbox from the diagram container,

Hello Bpmn Team,

I’m using bpmn js library for my graduation project, Could you please help me in order to
move the palette toolbox into another container not in the Diagram (in the current implementation the palette is inside the diagram)
I checked all the Forum and examples in Github and i didn’t find any example or walkthrough to customize or override the Palette container.

Please any help guys it’s urgent.

Did you checkout this topic?

Hello Nikku,
I checked the post but the provided solution is general
and as far as I understand, based on the description provided by Valdimir I need to make some changes in the palette.js but I’m lost. and i can’t figure out how i’will proceed.

Hello spidermanjs,
I’have the same requirement, did you overcome the issue, if yes could you please share with me your implmentation.
Thank you in advance.

Hey Dhaker,

I did’nt figure out how to resolve it.
Still waiting for any help from the bpmnjs team.

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