Move view while dragging elements/edges

I’m using pure diagram-js and looking for the functionality which is available in bpmn-io: moving view while dragging elements while touching the borders of screen (or drawing area).
I suppose it can be enabled adding some feature from here, however have problems with finding proper one.
Could you please give me some suggestions how this can be enabled.
Thanks in advance.

It seems that I found the feature responsible for it: AutoScroll.
I found topic which was some king of opposite to my: Stop viewbox auto-moving, which helped me.
However have one more issue with it: during auto scrolling my element (or rather its preview) is passing away together with whole viewbox, until small mouse movement, like here:
2022-08-18 16-29-08
Do you have any suggestions where to start looking on the issue?

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The behavior is present in our tools, too. I suggest you to create a diagram-js issue and we take it from there. Contributions for a fix are welcome.

Thanks @nikku. I didn’t noticed that this is present in your tools too.
I thought that maybe I made something wrong. So for now I’ll left it as it is now.
I’ll create an issue for the future in case have some idea how to fix it I’ll participate.

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