Module dependencies are not defined in __depends__ array

A lot of modules does not maintain the depends array. For example the ConnectModule is using the ModelingModule but not defines it. This is an issue, when you try to minimalize the modules you’re depending on. You cannt just remove the dependency, because other modules are depending on it, and are not declaring it.

Is this a wanted behavior? It could be nice for replacing the dependenies, but it’s hard to tell who is depending on what, when its not declared in this array. Replacing dependencies should be solved in another way, because now there are two types of dependencies.

Is this a follow up to this issue? Did you read my to my previous comment related to this topic?

Which modules do not maintain the depends array and which exact dependencies are missing?

If what you’re referring to is the fact that modeling is an implicit dependency (that must be explicitly added): Yes, this is intended behavior.