Modeler saveXML - process entry type : Array of Object or Object

Hello dev forum member.
I am running on an issue with ‘process’ entry in the saved XML , created by modeler.saveXML function:
If the diagram contains only one process, it is saved as an Object ‘{}’, but if it contains more than one, it is saved as an Array of Object ‘[{}]’. (see Pizza-Collaboration for instance).
I guess, in the case of working with only one process, the saved type should be an Array of Object too, but we only one element in the Array. This way it is easy to iterate the process(es) in the loop.
Can someone confirm ?
Thanks in advanced
Thierry @ TSODEV

Can you share an example diagram?

Apologize, this is rather related to the XML to JSON library I used (fast-xml-parser) to convert the XML file in JSON…

So it doesn’t have anything to do with the toolkit.