Modeler: Placing palette in other div

Hello, everyone…

I’ve been reading a lot on how to custom the modeller, but I’m still feeling like I’m on square one.

My question is very simple. How can I make the palette render in a div separated from the canvas? I don’t seem to find an end to end example that I can take advantage off…

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks and best regards!

To achieve this, you’d have to replace Palette with your own implementation of Palette#_init.

Maybe we can make overriding the palette parent simpler. I’ve opened a PR regarding this.

Hello, Nikku,

Thank you for your prompt response. Assuming that I replace the original code with the code that barmac is suggesting, how do I assign the new palette to a DIV in my program?

Thanks again for your help!

Hello, Nikku, I did the changes you proposed in my code, but it doesn’t find a referece to domDelegate. Where is it defined?