Model Sub Processes in separate diagrams


When modelling lots of different processes I have often found that common sub processes begin to apear and the best way to model this is for all processes to reference the same sub process diagram (a separate diagram), this way changes are reflected across all using processes, quick impact analysis is possible by finding everything referring to that sub process diagram etc.

I have also found that by being able to split out sub processes into separate diagrams can massively improve the look and feed of a process especially as they start to become quite large.

I don’t see any way of currently achieving this?

A Sub-Process from the BPMN standards perspective is a process, embedded into an existing diagram.

Right now you can dynamically expand and collapse these from the Context Menu.

A Call Activity represents the invocation of a reusable, external process. Is that what you need?

Yes that is exactly what I need - Is that supported in bpmn-js?

Yes. Create Call Activities by changing the type of a plain task.

Brilliant thanks for confirming - I guess the concept is you then use an external application to piece together the references by name?