Minimap Larger Resolution Viewport Problem

Problem: When using the minimap functionality I am currently having issues with the minimap jumping the viewport of the canvas extreme distances to the right of my actual diagram even though i’m attempting to center the viewport to the left. (Ex. I’m zoomed on the right side of my diagram and click to the left of the draggable area in the minimap)

This may have to do with whatever calculation is being done for translating the position on the minimap to the actual canvas diagram. I have a two monitor setup and one monitor is 1920x1080 while the other is 2560x1440 and as you can probably guess it works perfectly at 1920x1080 resolutions but when I move the example onto my 2560x1440 monitor it no longer behaves correctly and jumps oddly.

Note: This was all tested using the latest BPMN-JS-Example for minimap. I even changed the resolution of my 2560x1440 monitor to 1920 x 1080 and it started behaving correctly.

Versions in package.json:
“bpmn-js”: “^0.22.1”,
“diagram-js”: “^0.21.1”,
“diagram-js-minimap”: “^0.5.3”,