Merging DMN into BPMN editor

Hello everyone, i want to know if there was an existing solution to merge DMN into BPMN editor to display it when an event is verified (like a click on a gateway).

Thank you.


Hi @Fantemis,

I’m not quite sure what you want to achieve. Can you give some more details? Do you want to link DMN tables from BPMN Busines rule task? This is not possible right now since the BPMN and the DMN Modeler are separated projects.

Okay but i saw that you provide a “Decision Ref” into the Properties panel details of BPMN Business rules task, and i would know if it was possible to use this “ref” to refer to a DMN table ? i need it because i would give inputs and outputs to my business rule task, to tell him “for x, y, and z conditions, make a, b, c actions”, do you know if its possible ?

Thanks for your answer

decisionRef is a property that is relevant for executing a process with Camunda BPM. There is no combined BPMN and DMN editor. You can build it yourself, though.