Manhattan Layout - Connection Layout and Repair

Hello, I am struggling to tell Manhattan Layout on how to connect.

Basically my diagrams are vertical going from top to bottom.

When any changes are done (delete , etc) I want to connect problematically and tell layout to always start from bottom and end on top.

How do i pass parameter so that it will start new connection at bottom and end on top of rectangular elements?

Right now I am passing it as below:

    var hints = { preferredLayouts: [ 'straight', 'v:h' ]}; 

    _modeling.connect(element1, element2, null, hints);

I guess you mean programmatically?

As far as I understand you want v:v. Here’s a CodeSandbox: Vertical Layout - CodeSandbox

Unfortunately, this can’t be configured globally at the moment so you’d have to pass these hints to every layout operation.