Mandatory and optional task in the flow

Hello all,

I am in doubt about how to represent a step in the flow in which one task is always mandatory and another one is optional. Let’s suppose task 1 is mandatory, task 2 is optional.

I saw some representations using the inclusive gateway, but my understanding of the inclusive gateway is that task 1 can be executed OR task 2 can be executed OR tasks 1 and 2 can be executed. Hence this doesn’t match the requirement. Can someone please share your ideas?
Many thanks!


This question seems to be BPMN-semantics related. This forum is deticated to toolkits (rendering/viewing diagrams and how to hack them).

I suggest you to ask this question to the Camunda Forum - Modeler topic. That forum is deticated to BPMN semantics related questions.

Hello, many thanks for your help!!