Linking a BPMN rule task to a DMN model

FWould it be possible to link a business rule task in a BPMN diagram with a hyperlink to a DMN diagram?

Could you provide a little bit more context? Which application / library do you use? Where would you like to see the links?

BPMN defines two types of task which can be modelled separately using the new standard notations defined by OMG namely, DMN for business rule tasks and CMN for ad-hoc (case management) tasks. It would be hugely useful if I could drill down to a DMN model when I click on a business rule task. This would enable me to separate my business rules from my business process. This project already provides tools for DMN and CMN. Why not provide easy linkage within the BPMN modelling tool? Hope this is clearer

Which application do you use / are you refering to? Our demo?