Lanes rendered in wrong order / Bonita export

In some cases, the lanes are rendered in wrong order. Eg. for the attached example, in other modelers, the lanes appear as A,B,C,D,E., but in bpmn-js are shown as E,D,C,A,B without errors in the console.

This example was modeled in BonitaBPM.

diagram.bpmn (46.0 KB)

The diagram looks broken in general (DI wise):

Because of that I suspect the lane ordering is not the biggest of issues :wink:.

Edit: To contribute something meaningful here: bpmn-js takes the DI information and read that during import. I assume there is an issue between Bonita export and bpmn-js import. As it looks like Bonita does not participate in the MIWG BPMN interchange group. So without knowing exactly how well they are able to interoperate with others I assume they are doing something wrong on export.

Bonita DI export problem here, too.

You’re right. Bonita is exporting the BPMNShape’s associated to the lanes with wrong x and y coordinates. Same case for the SequenceFlow’s. Thanks @nikku.