Lack of Documentation

I was really looking forward to implementing BPMN and DMN in the browser, but the lack of documentation for even the simplest API functions is perplexing.

Perhaps I am missing something. Is there some API documentation that I am missing other than what is on Github (which is unfortunately next to worthless)? Something that would, say, explain how to create a new decision table?

Or is it that the Github documentation does represent the totality of the functionality…

And if anyone is using a paid product that offers better support/features I would appreciate suggestions.


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Hey, creating a solid documentation for our libraries is on our roadmap. For now, the bpmn-js-examples repository is pretty useful.

To better understand your use case: what kind of documentation would help you the most?

Your insights will help us to clarify the requirements.

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Documentation of the API would be ideal, so that it is clear what methods can be called on a Viewer or Modeler, and how to programmatically manipulate the DMN or BPMN (like modifying the Name or some other property). Or at least some documentation of the core objects and behaviors, so it is clear what to look for in the source code. Camunda’s documentation is normally very good in this regard and is a good example.


Thank you, I will review all of that.