Keep custom properties of template elements

Hi Guys, currently I defined element templates for bpmn:ServiceTask and bpmn:DataStoreReference. The templates can be selected and used as expected. However, when an element is copied, the values of the custom properties for bpmn:DataStoreReference are not copied. When I switch to bpmn:ServiceTask, the custom properties are kept. How can I achieve the same copy behaviour for bpmn:DataStoreReference and other elementtypes? I am using version 0.19.0 of @bpmn-io/properties-panel and version 1.5.0 of bpmn-js-properties-panel.

Hi! Can you share your implementation in some way (e.g., via project link, Codesandbox)?

It’s likely that your custom moddle descriptors do not work properly as expected if copy&paste remove certain parts.