Is there a way to reinject an initialized modeler into a html canvas element?

I am creating a single-page web application that utilizes bpmn modeller. There are multiple “windows”, the user can switch between. I am currently facing a problem - when a user switches to a different window (the canvas containing the modeller is destroyed) and then switches back, the HTML canvas element is re-added, but the modeller is not automatically injected into this element. Is there a way to manually trigger this process, without having to re-instantiate the whole modeller object? I would like to avoid having to re-instantiate the modeller, as that would result in the loss of the current undo/redo history.


It seems that you already cache the modeler instance. Why don’t you cache the container DOM element as well and just mount it when the component is re-rendered?
I don’t think it is possible to specify a container later, as the rendering is already happening during the import.

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for some reason, I have not thought of that option, I have tried it out and it seems to be working great! Many thanks!