Integrating BPMN auto layout into Java Project


I have downloaded BPMN auto layout project and able to test it with npm run all command.
Now I am trying to integrate it into my project. I have done the following steps

  1. Created layout.js under bpmn-auto-layout project
  2. added this code
global.AutoLayout = require('bpmn-auto-layout');
  1. To use above file in my project I have executed this command
browserify layout.js -o layoutB.js
  1. Imported layoutB.js file in my project
  2. I have used the diagramXML from example.js in bpmn-auto-layout project
var autoLayout = new AutoLayout();
var layoutedDiagramXML = await autoLayout.layoutProcess(diagramXML);

after loading the above file in browser, it is executing until console.log(“start”)
but getting timeout during this method autoLayout.layoutProcess(diagramXML);

No errors in browser also.
Can anyone suggest if I have done any mistake in above set up

I assume you mean “Javascript Project” and not “Java Project”?

It will help us a lot if you could share your project into a CodeSandbox. Without it, it will be hard to help you.