Integrate Palette Color Picker

Hi ,

Please just bear in mind as i am new to world :slight_smile:

I created an additional attribute named color via properties-panel-extension which i want to use to fill the color for element. where is the best place to palace the palette code e.g here color-box is the color box in properties panel

    colors: [
      {"primary": "#E91E63"},
      {"primary_dark": "#C2185B"},
      {"primary_light": "#F8BBD0"},
      {"accent": "#CDDC39"},
      {"primary_text": "#212121"},
      {"secondary_text": "#727272"},
      {"divider": "#B6B6B6"}
    position: 'downside', // default -> 'upside'

Thanking you in advance.

Hi @waqdev,

Could you please elaborate on this please?


properties-panel-extension is uses to extend the the properties panel controls in case if you want to create the custom properties. Please check the example

there created the additional drop-down box with property name color to change the color of an element. but so far i am no succeeded to change the color of element in modeler.