I'm new at making BPMN and I need help to design this

I’m trying to design this begginer example in Bizagi:

Business Process Modeling

The process begins when the “Director” of the area receives a letter from the Control Body with a specific information request. The director of the area enters the requirement into the system, assigns the person who will answer it and indicates the expiration date and the corresponding time that this person has to respond.
The assigned person can see the time available to make the response report, review the entire case, and enter the response of the request.

Then the director must review the response of the assigned user, change what he considers pertinent and decide if that is the definitive response before the Control Body, since, if he considers it necessary, the person who prepared the response must review the case again and complete and correct the answer, thus indicating that the answer is not the final one and the task will be generated again to the assigned actuator. If the Director is satisfied with the answer, he answers that it is the definitive one, in this case he generates the letter with the answer, prints it and sends it to the Control Body.

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