Id is not set when adding standardLoopCharacteristics element

If I for example create a UserTask and add a “Loop” to it the XML element will be missing the Id attribute (which is required by the bpmn 2.0 schema)

How to reproduce:

  • Open online modeler
  • Create a UserTask element and define a Loop
  • Select it, click the wrenck button and select “Loop”
  • Export the diagram as XML

The exported XML will be similar to this:

    <bpmn:userTask id="Task_0avodgd">
      <bpmn:standardLoopCharacteristics />

As you can see the “bpmn:standardLoopCharacteristics” element is missing the ID attribute. The same happens for the “multiInstanceLoopCharacteristics” element.

How is it required by the BPMN 2.0 schema? Does XSD schema validation fail without it?

Hmm I’ve made a mistake sorry… I see it actually isn’t required :slight_smile:

But when creating other elements they all seem to get an id. Is there any particular reason why the same is not true for this element?

Because it is useless as far as I understand.

We tend not to generate stuff that no one needs.

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