I can not see childLaneSet in new version

In bpmn-js version 3, when I create child lane, in xml I’ve bpmn2:childLaneSet


<bpmn2:laneSet id="LaneSet_0dz1dwx">
  <bpmn2:lane id="Lane_1amw7ib">        
  <bpmn2:lane id="Lane_0ccivr4">
    <bpmn2:childLaneSet id="LaneSet_1pbfwpy">
      <bpmn2:lane id="Lane_0imicyw" />
      <bpmn2:lane id="Lane_01xan8i">            
        <bpmn2:childLaneSet id="LaneSet_0p041z7">
          <bpmn2:lane id="Lane_00syf83" />
          <bpmn2:lane id="Lane_1xnempi" />

But, in new version (also online demo) when I create multiple child lane, I’ve not childLaneSet.


<bpmn:laneSet id="LaneSet_0nj9tm1">
  <bpmn:lane id="Lane_126mif5" />
  <bpmn:lane id="Lane_16t32x1" />
  <bpmn:lane id="Lane_0i7203j" />
  <bpmn:lane id="Lane_1rwva4y" />

In new bpmn engine, I need to use multiple child lane and know parent of child lane.

Please help me how to find parent lane in new version.

This may be related to #1253. We’ll need to investigate.

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I don’t think is related to this issue. I tested it on separate diagram.
Need to be create issue in github?

Yes, please create a bug report on GitHub and attach diagrams that allow us to reproduce your behavior.

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