How to update the position of the ContextPad after a drag and drop event?

Hi Everyone,

I have a small problem with the position of the contextPad (small items menu). After dragging an item to a different position, I notice that the old position is still applied on the context Pad.

I hope these screenshots will help you understand my problem,


You seem to have a quite heavily customized bpmn-js project. Is this happening all the time? Or just under certain circumstances? What have you customized?

No, it’s just the requirement of the project where I had to customize the bpmn palette provider, I added custom elements with a different icon but the behavior is the same as the service tasks,

But I agree with you, I think that this over-customization may impact how the position of the contextPad should change with the position of the new element.

I tried to solve this problem by resetting the position of an element during the drag.end event but the problem still there.