How to update faster a node/transition label?


I’m using the “modeling.updateLabel” method to update labels(to some localized names) on 250 nodes in one go. This is quite slow, it takes about 10 seconds to update the labels on all nodes. Is there any other way to do this ?

P.S. For example labels which are already in XML diagram when you load a diagram are way faster to render than those you manually change later.

Updating labels involves non-trivial amounts of layouting to fit the labels properly and compute label bounds. Because of that it can very well be the case that you experience a delay.

Without proper layouting / bounds computation there is no way the labels can be fitted properly on the diagram. So, short answer is: No, there is necessary work that needs to be done which may not allow you to speed things up.

If you’d like us to further investigate your case: Please provide us with a test case based on our modeling starter that opens a respective diagram and performs the sequence of slow changes.

Thanks for your response.
We will not pursue this further for the moment, will wait as well for more feedback.