How to start the chrome app with a new diagram?

If I open the chrome app (atteched to my windows tasklist) it always loads an old diagram. Where can I change the setup to start with an empty diagram?

Maybe I will save an nearly empty diagram and set this for start up. But how?

Kind Regards, Ingo

After some experiments I found that the app opens the last opened diagram again.

  1. create a new diagram and save it as ‘new_diagram.bpmn’
  2. open this ‘new_diagram.bpmn’
  3. close the app
  4. open the app again: it loads ‘new_diagram.bpmn’

Kind Regards, Ingo

Unfortunately your workaround is needed at the moment. We will release an extended version of the chrome app with tabbing and the ability to quickly create new BPMN 2.0 diagram files in the near future.

Will ship with one of the next chrome app releases.