How to show tool tip while doubleclicking the bpmn task?

Hi There,
I want to show a tooltip while double clicking the bpmn task. And also, when I want to edit the text inside the Task,
again tooltip need to be displayed.

do you have any idea on this? It would be great if you provide some pointers.


you can realize this by using our core feature eventBus by listening and reacting to the event element.dblclick. You can find an example for that in the LabelEditingProvider:

Thank you very much for the reply. Also, how to register the keyup event to the direct editing text area? The idea is, while
editing the text in the text area each time I want to show one tooltip depends on the editing text. For this keyup event
should be generated. How can I register this event to the direct editing text area?

Hello @murthymalladi,

you can replace the direct-editing module to something custom to your needs. Otherwise you can listen to the input DOM event, that is triggered everytime there’s changes in a textarea or input.