How to set properties when select custome element

I want to set properties in properties panel when i select on menu item
anybody please help me

We’re happy to help you if you provide us with more information. Right now I have no idea what you’re talking about.


can you see in this image properties panel how to set properites panel when i click on tassk element

You want to show an element’s properties in the properties panel when you click it?

yes when we click it i need to show soe custom properties that already define in json file replacemeu provider

What custom properties? What JSON file?


  //Code copied from offline editor by Mansi starts here


    label: 'Worker Bot',

    actionName: 'replace-with-service-task-workerbot',

    className: 'bpmn-icon-service',

    target: {

      type: 'bpmn:CallActivity',

      color:[{fill:"#00FF00", stroke:"#000000"}], //lime

      customAtttr : [

        {name : 'technologyCategory', value : 'workerbot', description : 'Technology Category (RPA/Scripting/Web Service etc.)'},
        {name : 'technology', value : 'hybrid', description : 'Product Name'}//,
this is my custom menu 
so we replace using replacemenuprovider function bpmn replace right but customattry properties shouled be select when i click on that task
**strong text**