How to set process property after dragging a pool on canvas

I can set process property on canvas normally, but there is an issue that I can’t set process property after dragging a pool object on canvas, the pool will contain process elements(startEvent, task…).

If I click the canvas, the collabration property panel will be shown, if I click the pool element, the participant property panel will be shown, there isn’t any process property panel. How can I set process property again?

Hope someone can make any suggestion here. Thanks

Even though it looks like you are adding properties to the participant, they are added mostly to the linked process. Exceptions to that are the name and the ID of the participant which can be modified for the process in separate entries.

@barmac , Thanks your reply. I also have found another issue that when I removed the participant/pool element, its content all removed too. It seemed that it’s better to keep its children elements, or can this be a new feature requirement? Thanks

Hi, I think this is a feature request that we’d need to properly plan. It’s hard to predict whether you want to move the children elements to the process diagram or simply remove the participant with all of its contents. I could also imagine an extension which adds an option to move the children out in the context pad. Feel free to create an issue in the bpmn-js repo.