How to restrict the connection label overlapping with shape


few times , the label text on the connections are overlapping with shapes, I want to restrict that behavior, instead of overlapping label should move to the left side if enough space , can you help us on this


@philippfromme or anyone , could you please help me

Short: That’s no easy thing to do. What you can do is to get the connection waypoints of the labelTarget when rendering the label and check where would be the best position for label to be rendered.

Thanks for the inputs @Niklas_Kiefer , I adjusted the connection label using waypoints, still few cases label text is overlapping with shape,

is there any way to hide the overlapping text ?

The BpmnOrderingProvider always sets labels on top of all other elements. You would have to change this behavior or find another way to crop the text.

Another idea: why not simply move the task a few pixels to the left to have enough space for the label? Or why not break the label text to a new line? I’d argue having long lines in a label is not best practice.