How to rename the "title" of the property panel?

How to rename the “title” of the property panel?
I can create my customized tabs and groups. But on top of tabs there is a sort of title displaying the current element id. How can I get access to it so I can show the current item name instead?

Hi @thormelk,

I don’t see a good way to get access to the title of the properties panel, because the title update is kind of hard wired in the code here:

An improvement to our code would be to create a properties panel method which updates the title every time the propertiesPanel.changed event has been fired. You could then override this method in your properties panel instance.

I created an issue for this. Please note that we are always happy to accept pull requests :wink:

Hi @thormelk,

is this still an issue for you or do you maybe want to provide a pull request? Otherwise we’d close the related ticket.