How to remove a pool and keeping contents?

Hey guys.

If I only have one pool in my diagram and want to remove the collaboration and keep only the content of that one pool as process – how can I achieve this?

There is a very convenient way of introducing the first pool – but that seems to be a one-way street?



Three options, all not implemented yet:

(1) if only one pool, keep contents after pool remove
(2) special short cut for keeping contents after pool remove
(3) copy contents, remove pool, paste contents

Any preferences?

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For the workflow (1) would be the easiest – but I think this is quite unintuitive and nobody will be brave enough to try. But for power users – perfect!

With (2) I think nobody ever checks the shortcut panel – so hard to find as well.

(3) would be the one you would most easy find – but also includes the most work (especially for bigger pools).

I think there could also be

(4) having a special Icon beside the TrashBin which does what (2) indicates (maybe with a tool tip to introduce the shortcut!).

I think I would go for (2) and (4)

is this on the agenda anywhere ?