How to remove 3 dots icon from palette and from context pad

I know how to remove the icons from the palette and the context of the pad using the entries object, but inside it I don’t see anything that corresponds to the element with three dots, how can I remove it ?

there is nothing here that is responsible for it

 console.log('entries dots', entries)
            const DEFAULT_TOOLS = {
                connect: { ...entries.connect },
                delete: { ...entries.delete },

These entries are part of a new “create/append anything” feature. We are working on a solution that allows to disable these easily (related issue). Meanwhile, you can look at how to remove them in this forum answer: Disable popupMenu for palette and contextpad - #5 by Tobias-08

this solution doesn’t work for me, there is simply no field inside the entries object called create and append (for ContextPad)

export default function CustomPalette(palette, create, elementFactory) {
    this._create = create
    this._elementFactory = elementFactory


CustomPalette.prototype.getPaletteEntries = function () {
    const elementFactory = this._elementFactory
    const create = this._create

    function createEvent(eventType) {
        return function (event) {
            const serviceTaskShape = elementFactory.create('shape', { type: eventType })

            create.start(event, serviceTaskShape)

    return function (entries) {
        delete entries['space-tool']
        delete entries['']
        delete entries['']
        delete entries['']
        delete entries['create.subprocess-expanded']
        delete entries['create.participant-expanded']
        delete entries['create.exclusive-gateway']
        delete entries['create.intermediate-event']
        // delete entries.create
        // delete entries.append

        console.log('entries', entries)

        return {
            'create-exit-event': { .... }

my etnries obj looks like

{group: 'event', className: 'bpmn-icon-end-event-none', title: 'Завершение', action: {…}}
{group: 'event', className: 'bpmn-icon-start-event-none', title: 'Создать «Начало события»', action: {…}}
{group: 'activity', className: 'bpmn-icon-task', title: 'Создать узел', action: {…}}
{group: 'tools', className: 'bpmn-icon-connection-multi', title: 'Включить иструмент «Глобальное соединение»', action: {…}}
{group: 'tools', className: 'bpmn-icon-hand-tool', title: 'Включить инструмент «Рука»', action: {…}}
{group: 'tools', className: 'bpmn-icon-lasso-tool', title: 'Включить инструмент «Лассо»', action: {…}}
{group: 'tools', separator: true}

The priority of the provider should be lower than the default in order to hook in after the ... entries are added. Please try with palette.registerProvider(500, this)

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