How to move a context pad entry to another group?

I would like to customize the context pad in such a way that the annotation tool belongs to the ‘edit’ group, rather than the ‘model’ one.

To achieve this, I have made my own ContextPadProvider, into which I state:

entries['append.text-annotation`].group = 'edit'

This works fine: the icon now is together with the other ‘edit’ icons, and clicking and dragging it generates an annotation box.

HOWEVER, for dragging, once the mouse has been released, the blue shadow rectangle stays visible and follows the mouse movement.

I probably do something wrong, could you please help me?

Many thanks!

Can you share this via code sandbox or as a screencast?

Thank you @Niklas_Kiefer! Sorry for my delayed answer. I have actually tried to reproduce, and the problem seems to have automagically been fixed… Will send a screencast if it rehappens…
Thank you in any case!