How to Customize the PaletteModule and ContextPadModule

I am trying to customize the paletteModule and ContextPadModule I tried implementing by looking into but I am not able to do so.

Could you please help me or provide me one example on how I can do it.
I tried going thorgh the code but nothing helped.

Hi @yganatra

For customizing bpmn see this example custom bpmn

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Hi @Hadi_Jami

Thanks for your feedback.

I Implemented custom Paletter I wanted to allow user only some specific componenets You can see it here


Now I want to Update the same in ContextPad Module here


and allow only some specific element any idea how to do it?

Hi @yganatra

Your welcome, for contextpad see this sample [custom contextpad] or this sample [nyan]

Good luck!

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Hi @Hadi_Jami

I tried doing that but by that you can not actually remove the elements of the contextPad you can only add extra.
Because of this code in getEntries

ContextPad.prototype.getEntries = function(element) {
  var entries = {};

  // loop through all providers and their entries.
  // group entries by id so that overriding an entry is possible
  forEach(this._providers, function(provider) {
    var e = provider.getContextPadEntries(element);

    forEach(e, function(entry, id) {
      entries[id] = entry;

  return entries;

Even if I delete the element because of default provider it’s getting added again