How to customize pallette?

How can I delete basic elements from Pallette?
How can I add my own elements to Pallette?

Hi @ratelChief
First, before create new topic, please search in forum, you can find answers.
Second, you can use custom element and custom palette examples in bpmn-js git repo.

Good luck.

I searched an answer first, but it isn’t any.

Also I have read the documentation, that you link, and there is also nothing about deleting

elements from Palette. There are methods for getting elements from Palette and technique to add/override Palettes elements
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Both adding and removing elements from the palette works through overriding it. This example should get you going:

To delete elements, I add into my app.js:

Into delete, you just have to put the type of element you don’t want.
Hope it can help, :grinning:


Ayla Thanks for your response. But i have find another solution.

I investigated more, and after few tries find few solutions:

  1. Using css. Every element on Palette has it’s unique className, so we can just add class. But before sure, that that element you are using in contexPad, or just use more specific selector. Like find palette element first, and search an element using there not in the document.

  2. Rewrite basic Palette element.