How to bind Different Form on same Element dropped from Pallate

I have created Event Double click on the element using this

var eventBus = this.modeler.get(‘eventBus’);
var events = [

 events.forEach((event) =>{
  eventBus.on(event, (e)=> {
   // this.WorkflowService.Formdata;

      this.dialogRef =, {
        width: '350px',
        data: { ,,disabled:this.disabled},

I want to bind the diffrent form on each userTask Element

for example if there is 3 userTask Element on Convas then each userTask Element i have to bind Double Click Open Diffrent form

Currently i able to bind userTask Form based on event Double click

i want to know whether its possible that each element dropped have diffrent id

in below image if i double click on userTask1 it open forms ,similarly i want to open other form on double click of userTask2


Each element has a unique ID, so you can easily distinct between the different elements.

yes ,thanks its work