How to add new attributes under General tab instead of creating new tab

I want to add two new attributes uuid and code under General tab instead of creating any new tabs, How can I make it happen. There are some topics talked about to make a new group like ‘magic’ example. Hope someone can make any suggestions here. Thanks

Hi @besley,

the properties panel extension example indeed only shows how to add new groups. With the groups available, you can manipulate the complete structure and order of the to be displayed groups.

As an example, any group has entries. You can hook into the General group and add new entries to it, as the example is doing it for the magic group.

const generalGroup = findGroup(groups, 'general');

if(generalGroup) {
  generalGroup.entries.push(/* ... */).

function findGroup(groups, id) {
  return groups.find(g => === id);

I hope this helps as a starting point.

@Niklas_Kiefer , Thanks, this is very useful suggestions. I have fixed my issue.

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