How to add color support (as in bpmn-js-in-colors example) to bpmn-io-chrome?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to add bpmn-js-in-color to bpmn-io-chrome to color certain elements in the diagram. These elements are determined by parsing a JSON response I got from a JIRA server earlier (I still don’t really know how to connect to said server from inside the bpmn-io application without getting a XSRF error though… but that’s another thing) It includes the bpmn element ID’s and works fine so far.

Adding this functionality to the AngularJS-driven example of bpmn-io-chrome is a mystery for me though as I’m completely lost with how AngularJS works and how to add the colors module to the bpmn-js code already present in the example.

I’d be really happy if anyone can point me to the right files or any other help :smiley:

P.S. Also just saw last month’s update that includes color support without modifying/implementing your own BpmnRenderer. Maybe that’d be even easier to include in bpmn-io-chrome?