How do you change the images of all the components?

Hey there,
So I am working on this project where I want to make this amazing UI for the modeller. I want to be able to change the images of the components and add customer properties fields for them. Doing this from scratch is a lot of work so was wondering how we can do that using this package. Would really appreciate your advice on this. Thanks

Can you elaborate? Is your project still a BPMN modeler or something else?

Yes some of the fundamental concepts of BPMN like events, processes etc will be there but they will be presented in a manner that is easy for anyone to understand. I want to simplify BPMN so that it becomes less intimidating.

Not sure if the result will still be BPMN then. :wink:

At least on the front end it will look like that. But the engine on the backend will still be based on these concepts.