How do I change the font size?

Currently I’m modeling some processes which I then put into a word document. The problem though is that the font size is a bit small and after printing it’s somewhat hard to read. I was wondering if I can increase the font size in some way.

Is it possible to add an attribute to the XML code somewhere?

I am using the modeler tool for BPMN modeling.

Thanks in advance!

You cannot change the font size easily right now (bpmn-js v0.16.x).

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Hi All, also I would like to be able to change the font size and have the possibility for simple formatting like bold, italic and underline.It would really improve the readability of the business BPMN diagrams. Especially with exporting to an image the font-size becomes quite small when loading it into word for instance.[poll public=true]

  • I want to be able to change the font-size
  • I want to be able to have formatting
  • I want both font-size and formatting

Some workaround - set big size of main canvas with viewer. For example 2000px, then viewer will adjust its size to canvas and font size will increase
->style=“height: 2000px”
or width size, depends on your scheme